4 very useful and new features of WhatsApp: You need to know

With the new updates, WhatsApp is coming up with very useful 4 updates. Let’s look at those one by one with detailed tutorials.

1. Chat Lock

Privacy is a top concern for WhatsApp users, and the Chat Lock feature addresses this. You can now lock specific chats with a fingerprint or PIN, adding an extra layer of security. Your sensitive conversations stay private, even if someone else has access to your phone.

In order to Lock a specific contact you need to tap on the contact –>view contact by tapping on three dots –> and scroll down to Chat lock option –> tap on the option to lock or unlock it.

2. Edit Messages

Have you ever sent a message and immediately spotted a typo or wished you’d phrased something differently? The Edit Messages feature is here to save the day. You can now edit sent messages, ensuring your chats are always clear and accurate.

To edit the sent messege you need to select the messege –> tap on the three dots at the upper right corner–> choose edit option and –> then make the correction.

3. Share High-Quality Photos

In an era of stunning smartphone cameras, sharing photos is a big part of our messaging experience. WhatsApp now supports sharing high-quality photos, preserving the resolution and clarity of your images. Your memories will look better than ever.

Whenever sharing the photo/video you now have the option to choose between HD or SD. Follow the graphical instuction below to choose these option. Remeber if the media is not HD there will not be any options.

4. Dedicated Video Recording Mode

Video messaging just got an upgrade. WhatsApp has introduced a dedicated video recording mode, making it easier to capture and share special moments with friends and family. This feature enhances your video recording experience within the app.

To sent a video msg –>Tap the mic button once–> you will get the video button –> press and hold the button for video recording. If needed switch between the front and back camera.

WhatsApp has many more features in the upcoming updates. Stay tunned for the latest updates.

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